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Archives and library


The Library of the Real Maestranza is very specialized as regards the basis of its collection, which is dedicated fundamentally to the following subjects: Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, Equestrian Literature and works dealing with Tauromachy.

The section dedicated to Monarchy, Genealogy, Heraldry and Nobility contains manuscripts (chronicles, annals, memorials, lawsuits over gentility, letters conferring noble titles, etc.) and printed papers (chronicles, guides to the Grandees and Titles of the Kingdom, noble titles, heraldry, registers of inhabitants, catalogues, etc.).

Another of the subjects chosen is Equestrian Literature, especially treatises on riding, bridle techniques and veterinary medicine. As regards the works on bullfighting, of special note are important titles such as the first edition of ‘The Art of Bullfighting’ by Josef Delgado (alias Yllo), the biographies of bullfighters, works on the bullfighting seasons, the histories of bullrings, etc.

RMCS Library.

Biblioteca RMCS.


With regard to the Archives, their collection of documents is of interest not only in relation to the Real Corporación, but also for the history of the City. The collection is divided into the following sections: Fraternity of Our Lady of the Rosario, Historical Archive, Books of Accounts and Permissions, Files of Admissions of Knights and Ladies Maestrante, Plans, Posters of Bulls, and Sundry. Requests to consult either the library or the archives should be made by electronic mail, addressed to His Excellency Teniente de Hermano Mayor at the address which appears at the end of this text.  It is advisable to submit a letter from the director of the research (in the case of a dissertation, doctoral thesis or any other university studies).

Addresses for requests to consult the library or archives: