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View of the second wooden bullring of Seville. 
Anonymous, c.1733. Noteworthy is the effigy of the Infante Don Felipe, Hermano Mayor (President) of the Real Maestranza, on the Prince?s Balcony. Engraving. RMCS Archives.

The primitive bullring was dismantled in order to construct a new wooden one, but this time with a round, chamfered shape, because experience had shown the danger of fighting in this bullring because of its four corners. Clearance of the Baratillo hill began, and the bullring was erected on this conveniently appropriate site. Its seats were similar to those of the previous bullring, with balconies and boxes preceded by a bench or screen.

To show his appreciation, the King granted important and decisive privileges to the Corporation, which in 1739 erected a third bullring, consisting simply of balconies and platforms, more similar to the current bullring, and with four gates, in addition to that of the bullpen.