The Real MaestranzaRoyal Order of Chivalry maintains a specialized line of publications related to subjects connected with its own activities, publications which are either sponsored by the Corporation or published in collaboration with other entities such as the University of Seville, with which it has signed a co-publishing agreement, which was the origin of the Tauromaquias collection. It also includes the annual publication of the texts of the Pregón TaurinoBullfighting Proclamation, which has been pronounced by distinguished writers such as  Carlos Fuentes, Fernando Savater and Lord Garel-Jones, among others. Also noteworthy is the series of Pictures of the Maestranza, works which bring together the photographic reports of well-known photographers such as Atín Aya, Carlos Pérez Siquier and Luis Asín. Also sponsored was the publishing of outstanding works such as the Graphic History of the Seville Bullring and the  Bullfighting Prints in the collection of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de SevillaRoyal Order of Chivalry of Seville.

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