Cultural action

The Real MaestranzaRoyal Order of Chivalry dedicates continuous efforts to the care of its heritage, and especially  to the conservation and maintenance of the Seville Bullring, which has been designated as an Artistic Historical Monument.

The Corporation’s interest in caring for its heritage also extends to the Archives and the Library which it owns, and which are consulted by researchers specialized in Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, Studies of the Nobility, Equestrian Literature and works dealing with Tauromachy.

It also has a continuous editorial activity, publishing works which are always related to the subjects mentioned above. Many of the publications are sponsored by the Real CorporaciónThe Royal Corporation, either alone or in collaboration with other institutions such as the University of Seville or the Royal Academies.

Since it created them in 1965, the Real MaestranzaRoyal Order of Chivalry, always a supporter of excellence in any discipline, defrays the cost of the University Prizes for the Best Academic Results of Hispalense University, prizes which are presented each year in a solemn ceremony, together with the season’s Bullfighting Trophies.